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Nowadays there is a dozen of car battery chargers on the market, however, not every model is meant for your car. Today I’ve put together a few tips to help you find the best car battery charger. Alright, let’s get started


  • Weight

A word of advice, don’t go for heavy models. The reason is simple. I mean if you’re going to keep your charger in the back of your car, you’ll find it easier to move around with a lightweight one. Usually, an average model of car battery should weight 8-10 kg.

  • Cable length

The longer the cable, the better it is. Long cables will make it easier for you to charge your car, especially in a situation where your car battery are in hard-to-reach place.

Some of the best chargers have cable up to 214 cm, however, the average length on the market is 75-100 cm.

Of course, long cable is an advantage, but not every charger has this feature.

  • Additional features
    • Handle

This one is not really a necessity. Though it helps you carry the charger slightly easier.

  • Built-in Cable storage

Additional features

  • Power outlets

Most car battery chargers have 1 built-in power outlet, which is useful in case of emergency. Though very rare, even some of the best models of car chargers actually have none DC outlets. I would recommend that you should reconsider buying these kinds of chargers. After all, it is always good to have a backup plan in case your car battery runs out of power when you’re in a middle of nowhere.

  • USB ports
  • LED Flashlight

Best car battery chargers actually come with a LED flashlight so that you will be able to see in the dark. So keep this in mind while buying your charger as it can be something to distinguish qualities of battery chargers.

  • Air Compressor

Car battery chargers have an air compressor, which will come handy in emergent situations. You can take advantage of this to inflate your flat, especially when you’re nowhere near an air pump or a car station.

  • Digital display


  • Overcharging protection

This one is something that you should highlight. You see, many users have a habit of overcharging. What this means is that they tend to leave their chargers overnight, thus it causes overcharging.

Why is this dangerous, you ask? The charger can be overloaded or its main control board can be overheated if you do this. And sometimes, in the worst case, it can cause an explosion.

Most chargers have this feature. In other words, you can leave your device plugged for however long you want without having feared that it is going to be damaged.

  • Reverse polarity warning

This feature will immediately warn you of incorrect polarity. It is quite useful in terms of protecting your car battery and your charger from being damaged.

Though it is quite a rare feature, it can be found in best quality car battery chargers.

Help and support

  • Warranty

This depends on the manufacturer of your machine. Some manufacturers actually offer a 5-year warranty, but most of the time, the average warranty year is 3-year.

  • Manufacturer’s contact

How easy it is for you to contact the manufacturer? Can you contact them through email? Do they provide you with a telephone number? Do they have their own website? If they do, does it have a FAQs page answering common issues?

These are some questions that you can ask the buyer before setting the deal. After all, the last thing that you want to do is to buy products from an unreliable source.


Compared to other models, is it cheaper or more expensive? Is it in your price range? And more importantly, judging on its pros and cons, do you think it is worth your money?

Alright, that’s it for today. I hope you find my tips useful and informative. Remember that these are my tips on buying a car battery charger. It is understandable that you may disagree with me on some aspects. After all, they are just my advices that I gave to you based on my personal experiences.  And like always, stay tuned my readers!

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