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The sphere of the gun is dizzying.
So far from me, the idea of making a complete article on the choice of the gun so much I would need months to address all the parameters that influence this universe. These parameters, and to give you an idea of the magnitude, are for example: safety, best Belly Band Holster, weapon and children, weapon handling, laws, self-defense, Tactics, training, tactical shooting, defense shooting, hunting, rural and urban settings, women and weapons, revolvers, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, Rifles, weapons of war, history, different calibres, different actions, automatic, semi-automatic, black powder, roles, operation, ballistics, ergonomics, accessories, optics, Buying, selling … in short, it’s huge.

It is therefore in all humility that I must undertake this article, and I hope to be able to provide here practical and relevant information when the weapon and its role in survivalism.

I must also remind everyone that even though this blog is mainly addressed to Francophones, it is guided by an intention of independence that has no political, philosophical or any other boundary. It is evident that the thoughts, weapons and choices that follow are not of a nature subject to laws for citizen dependence, but are aligned with a theoretical discussion aimed at a broader understanding of the tool, But also of our universe.
Simply put, and I will completely destroy all suspense, when I designate the M1A (civil version and thus semi-auto of the M14) as one of the most adapted weapons and one of the most complete systems for the survivist, it is evident that This choice cannot take into account the laws in force of certain countries or states …

Three myths about firearms.
1-The primary function of the gun is to kill. I do not see the weapon otherwise, and I do not adhere to a vision of this object that would designate any type of weapon as a system of recreation or sport. A .22LR pistol is a weapon that stems from an intention to destroy. Same for the martial arts.

2-Another myth that I must address now is the idea that the possession of a gun is a guarantee when has the defense. No. Ask the military or the police. It is not because I am armed that I become invincible. Possession is not a guarantee.

3-The war armor or the assault rifle, is in no way “worse” than the hunter’s rifle. The AK47 (the 7.62×39 caliber Kalashnikov) is no more powerful or more dangerous than a .30-06 or .270 caliber weapon that hunters use for example.

3 types of individuals
Alpha – Predators.
They live it in a world that tends to the physical or psychological slavery of its neighbor.
Beta – Prey.
They live in a world that tends to serve predators.
Gamma – Those refuse to be in the two categories above.

Of course, the world of Alpha and Beta is sometimes interchangeable, because these individuals always find a stronger or weaker, and thus they exist alternately in both worlds, sometimes prey, sometimes predatory.
On the other hand, if you are not predatory, but you do not have the training or the mental strength to defend yourself, you fall by default in the world of prey.

Then, in order not to become prey, we must more or less embrace the spirit of the warrior of whom Hericletus spoke.
If I put forward Hericletus’s “theorem” and I speak of adopting a specific attitude when fighting, it is that the status of human being gives us a 99.99% chance of seeing us at least once in our Lives are confronted with a difficult situation threatening our well-being, that of a close relative or a neighbor.

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