Tennis Shoes Buying Tips !

An important part of your tennis outfits his sneakers. This, after all, provides grip and balance on the court. But what are the differences between the various sneakers? In this article, we give you tips and advice for buying sneakers, and we explain to you where you need to keep in mind when purchasing for example, best shoes for nurses.

A tennis shoe must meet the following characteristics:
● Adhesion
● Flexibility
● Stability
● Cushioning
● Wearing comfort

Buy tennis shoes that fit the type of surface you usually play, the differences between type sneakers we explain later in this article from a substrate.

Choose a sneaker with a high upper. The number of lateral movement of the foot inside the shoe should be limited as much as possible. A strong upper prevents this.Replace your sneakers well in advance, so even before your old tennis shoes are worn. Timely replacement prevents injuries because the shock absorption of worn shoes is greatly diminished.

Get tennis shoes always play tennis here in your gym bag so that they can dry. If you do not, you risk that the sneakers stink, because the moisture stays in it. This may cause fungi.

Sneakers: differences
Tennis shoes, among other differences in the type of insole, material of which the shoe is made, shock absorption and stability.

The pattern at the bottom of the sneaker is optimally designed for one or more substrates. We distinguish the following surfaces and profiles:
● Omni Court / turf / smash court – For getting a grip on synthetic grass tennis court, these shoes feature a coarse profile. Often such methods utilize the Omni tennis shoes.
● Gravel – Gravel tennis shoes feature a herringbone pattern. With a herringbone profile, you save the relatively delicate gravel surface, and you can glide right over the gravel while maintaining grip.
● Grass – Grass on his sneakers with small nodules best suited for optimal grip
● Carpet (Carpet) – Sneakers for carpets have a smooth sole.
A tennis shoe should not be too smooth, but not too stiff. A very sleek sneaker often leads to pain in the instep and too tight sneaker regularly leads to injuries to the knees, ankles, and toes. It sounds like a cliché, but the slightly more expensive tennis shoes are often made of better material and also give more stability. Also, they often last longer.
Shock Absorption
Your foot is a lot of clapping while playing tennis. A tennis shoe must, therefore, be able to catch on countries on the heel, ball of the foot and on the inside and outside of the foot. Look, therefore, when purchasing goods or unique cushioning in the sole of the sneaker is that can absorb the blows.


In particular, the lateral stability is critical when playing tennis. A tennis shoe must have adequate lateral stability. This means that the foot is not too much to the inside and not too much to tilt outwards. Lateral stability you get including through a firm heel counter that prevents the feet excessively inward or tilt out. Also, the heel counter reduces the speed of the angle towards the inside of the foot. A solid upper with sturdy grommets prevent ankle-injuries by preventing the foot from rolling out excessively.

Buy Sneakers
Which brand you choose depends in part on your previous experiences with shoes and what you have to spend. Good brands with excellent sneakers are:
● Nike
● Adidas
● Asics
● K-Swiss

Tennis shoes can be purchased at the following:
● Zalando Women – Zalando Men – Kids
● TennisDirect
● your Sportback
● Plutosport
● Keller Sports
● Dakota

Clay tennis shoes
Sneakers for a clay court are not the same as sneakers for (art) grass. The carpet’s hard and jobs. A vast majority of the Dutch courts are clay, so the chances are that you play on a clay tennis court with some regularity. Gravel can be quickly smooth, so it is important that you wear sneakers gravel that you have enough grip so you do not slip. In this article, we will discuss the need for special clay tennis shoes and what the differences are with sneakers for other substrates. We also give you tips for online buying clay tennis shoes.

Sole clay tennis shoes

The bottom of a clay tennis shoe is usually made of rubber. The profile of the bottom is excellent and often has a fishbone pattern, this creates a lot of grip on the ground. Even if it gets wet, you do not have to be afraid of such a shoe to slip, it also sticks gene gravel to the sole.

Stability clay tennis shoes
When buying a clay tennis shoe on the stability. This will prevent you tilt feet inward, or too much out. Eventually, this can lead to injuries, and you do not want, of course. Also, note that the heel of the sneaker is firm and a heel cap sitting on here. Do you feel that you need extra stability? Opt for a high boot.

Flexibility clay tennis shoes
Make sure you seek out a flexible shoe if your sneaker is too stiff and unyielding as you move you suffer from your ankles and knees. Too flexible, however, is also not advisable, this causes pain at the top of the foot.

Cushioning clay tennis shoes

The most important thing clay tennis shoes do is cushion the blow of your body. The cushioning in the shoe protects your joints and ensures that you have a chance at tennis injuries decreases. Especially when you’re heavier, it is important to choose good cushioning. Need to able to dampen shocks you have a good clay court tennis shoe with a midsole. This new sole ensures that the blow is absorbed, make sure it passes under the entire foot, tennis, after all, your country on your front foot, but you can also land on your heel.

Realize that it is important to buy good clay court tennis shoes, prevents injuries and allows you to immerse your sport!
Notable features gravel shoes:
● Good grip
● Stability and lateral support
● cushioning
● Flexibility
● sustainable sites
● Buying clay tennis shoes
Buying sneakers are fine online. If the size is not correct, you can get at most web shops free exchange the shoe for the right size. The following online shops have a broad range of clay tennis shoes:
● Zalando Women | Zalando Men
● TennisDirect
● Tennis-Spirit
● Sporthuis


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