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You also would like to know how to make money with Youtube?
I understand you. When one sees the income generated by the Youtubeurs, two ideas usually come to mind:
“I also want to win so much by doing the cunt on Youtube, it looks easy”
“So much money for a couple of minutes, is not it a little exaggerated? ”
This is the kind of comment I have often heard around me, and I thought it was time to break those misconceptions.

Stop the ideas received on Youtube
No, mounting a Youtube channel and generating money is not easy.
To anyone who thinks that making a living with Youtube is easy, I will stop you right away.
For 1 Norman, Cyprien or Squeezie who wins thousands of euros per video (and hundreds of thousands of euros a year), there are tens of thousands of suitors and people like you and me who have their Youtube channel , Try to get full thumbs up (the “I like” Youtube) and stagnate at 137 views per videos.
If it was so easy, everyone would (… well, ok, that’s already the case … almost everyone has a Youtube channel these days …) and most importantly, everyone would make a living with it.
Unfortunately, it is very hard. It’s a real job, or rather, a real talent. And like everything, you must learn, try, practice, break your face, and start over.
The first movies online free of Cyprien date from 2007, it is already almost 10 years. They have not had the success that we know, on the contrary. But it was by dint of filming, and collaborations with other apprentices-youtubers, that he improved and arrived at the top of French Youtubeurs.

No, it is not enough to make the cunt to be known.
Many people mistakenly think that the only way to make yourself known and make money on YouTube is to make humorous videos to tell your life in a shifted way, or even to do it simply.

It’s clear that it works. Rémi Gaillard and his race of Mario Kart in full Montpellier is an excellent example.

Make money on Youtube by doing anything

Rémi Gaillard, one of the most famous French Youtubeurs in the world, notably thanks to this true kart race in the center of Montpellier
But it’s not just that. Many Youtubeurs live from their passions in varied fields: history (NotaBene), cuisine (FastGoodCuisine), high-tech (Jojol), children’s song (ComptinesTV) …
Morality: If you have something to share, even if it’s not your amazing life or your experiences in front of your game console, think of Youtube.
No, these are not “just” a few minutes of video.
Making a video is much more than making a video. This is the script, shooting, multiple shots, editing, uploading, promoting his video. It is also collaborations with other Youtubeurs. Marketing to make itself known. Reply to comments (sometimes hateful) on these videos.
So when you hear that so-and-so won over 100,000 euros through its Youtube channel, remember it’s a lot of work behind.
No, being Youtubeur is not a “good lode” to make money.
To make money with Youtube seems simple (it is not), within reach of all (FALSE!) And fast, since it is enough to make some videos (in fact … much more than that).
Many see it as a good luck to earn money. Before thinking about sharing something on YouTube, and building an audience with fans ready for anything, they are already thinking about the possible sums to be won.
Unfortunately, from this point of view, Youtube is a bit like a blog. Only the most passionate will succeed. Because it takes a lot of passion to film, over and over again, without getting many views, getting better, filming again, finding new subjects, spending hours and hours editing the video perfectly. For all this, it is important to be passionate.
If you are only there for the money, you will quickly give up. Money is rarely a sufficient engine, especially for an activity as original and special as Youtube, which requires in particular to stand in front of a camera and talk.
For having tried it a few weeks ago with 2 Facebook Live, talking face camera is far from easy
No, we do not win 1 euro for 1000 views.
According to an urban legend, you can earn about 1 euro for 1000 views of your Youtube videos. It’s pretty cool in theory … but in practice it is much more complicated than that – and often the amount is much lower and depends on full parameters (advertisers, your audience, its purchasing power …).
You will see later in this article that there are different ways to monetize a video – and advertising is not necessarily the best.
You are still here ? You understand that Youtube is not easy, and to make yourself known and appreciated on Youtube requires time and a real talent?

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