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Choosing your mattress is not that easy. 3 criteria are important to make the right choice:
• The type of mattress: latex, springs or foam.
• Density: according to your height and weight.
• Compatibility with the box spring: to benefit from the comfort of the mattress.
The time has come to replace your bedding and you are wondering which mattress to choose? Leesa Vs Tuft & Needle, which is better?

Indeed, choosing your mattress is not so easy! Between all the technical terms, the different materials, thicknesses and dimensions, it is sometimes difficult to find oneself. This choice is essential, however, as a mattress alone carries 2/3 of the weight of the sleeper for years. So here are some tips to help you in your search for the perfect mattress.

What type of mattress to choose: latex, springs or foam?
The mattress technology plays a vital role in maintaining the body and therefore in comfort. Depending on the material used, the feeling will be different. There is no better technology than any other, each to find his own.
The foam mattress: several levels of firmness
Lightweight, polyurethane foam is a foam material available in different densities (from 25 kg / m3 to 60 kg / m3) with firm, medium and flexible comfort. Its aerated material gives it a great elasticity. If you want maximum comfort, choose a high resilient foam mattress, greater than 35 kg / (m3). The foam mattress will adapt perfectly to the shape of your body for a minimum of pressure.

The mattress springs, welcome and dynamism
The pocket spring mattress provides maximum support, firmness and ventilation. Indeed thanks to independent springs and wrapped in a bag of fabric, you can move as much as you want, your partner will not feel anything. It is ideal if you are looking for sleeping independence and support.
The latex mattress for maximum comfort at two
Natural or synthetic origin, the latex offers a true independence of coating thanks to its resilience and its precision of support. High-density and high density (between 50 kg / m3 and 85 kg / m3), it is hypoallergenic. The latex mattress will offer you excellent ventilation and moisture removal.
What level of firmness to choose?
Between farm, very firm, mellow, very mellow, intermediate, there is something to lose! The choice of the firmness of a mattress is not so simple, especially since it is not just a matter of taste.
In fact, you have to choose your mattress according to your size, weight and morphology. In a simple way, increase the firmness of the mattress with the size, the weight. So, for a medium-sized and average-sized person, take a mattress, firm or balanced. For a person of small size, quite thin, take a soft mattress. It should also be noted that very firm mattresses are less and less appreciated with age!

Which mattress density to choose?

It is your weight and size that will help you choose a mattress and its density. The greater your size and / or weight, the greater the density will be to provide sufficient support. For minimum comfort, never lower than 25 kg / m³. Ideally, a density of at least 70 kg / m³ ensures better firmness and longer life.
What thickness of mattress to choose?
Choosing your mattressThe mattresses made of foam and latex have an average thickness of between 15 and 20 cm, so it is preferable to choose the biggest thickness, synonymous with a quality filling. For spring mattresses, generally between 20 and 25 cm thick, choose if you can for those that exceed 23 cm. But do not forget that a thicker mattress will be difficult to move and to accommodate in a sheet-cover!
What type of mattress is best suited to my bed base?
The first rule of thumb is that no mattress should be matched to any mattress, and above all, not a foam mattress with a spring mattress, the former would wear too quickly. This type of mattress is reserved for slatted bed bases.
Here are the best combinations: a mattress and a spring base for a softer support, a spring or foam mattress and a slatted bed base (not too spaced) for a firmer support.

Try your mattress!

Choosing a good mattress
The hypnia guarantee gives you 120 days to test your mattress and so be sure that it is the right one!
Some keys for your essay:
• Lay on the bed for several minutes. Close your eyes and focus on your sensations.
• Lie on your back: if you pass your hand between the kidneys and the mattress, the latter is too firm.
• Press on an elbow: if it sinks into the mattress, the mattress is not firm enough.
• Put on the side: if the shoulder is placed correctly in the mattress without gene, the firmness is satisfactory.
• If you sleep for two … try two!

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