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As you know, the body structure of each person is different and of course no one like everyone. Meanwhile, the appearance is the first sign to recognize and differentiate you and me. Plus, because of this difference in physique is the reason why the guy needs to have diverse options on how to wear various shoes with the aim to fit their body shape. So when you choose the right shoes for your own, you will be more confident and dynamic to succeed in life.

Apart from the models of shoes that can protect your feet as the best steel toe boots, other products are designed for each particular physique. Let’s explore together right now.

1. Chukka Boot for the modest height and fat people
The men who are not only short but also fat have to choose the men’s high-necked shoes that are not over the ankle. Because when the shoe’s neck is too high, it will make the leg look shorter. Besides that, the size of the shoes must also fit with the feet, and it should not have many patterns.
With the requirements above, nothing is perfect for the short and fat people than Chukka Boot. This high-necked men’s product has the vamp and quarter with the slippery material as well as the less of patterns. There are some laces of the shies with only 2 to 3 eyelets tied tightly near the ankle. This design aims to reduce the attention to the leg, making the foot look taller and slimmer.

2. Trench Boot for the tall and thin people
Trench Boot is the number 1 choice for tall and thin people. The legs of those are big in general, yet the body is thin. This high-necked men’s shoe has a slippery leather in design with the compact laces, which makes the foot look smaller. Furthermore, the shoes’ neck is higher than the ankle, making the legs feel short and balanced with the feet.

In addition, the Trench Boot sole is also thinner and not as eye- catching as other boots’ types. Thanks to this, human shape does not become too high due to the height of the sole shoe.

3. Wingtip Boot for the short and thin people
The same rules for someone with modest height, you should not choose the shoes with the high neck that is higher than your ankle. Nevertheless, with a small body, the Wingtip Boot is more appropriate than the Chukka Boot.
This high-necked men’s leather shoe is decorated with various delicate holes on the shoes’ vamp. Moreover, the laces are also small and compact as well. On the other hand, the soles of heels are quite thick, giving you a few centimeters in height.

4. Hiking Boot for the big body
For someone who owns the tall and muscular body, they can choose from many different styles of high- neck men’s boots. But perhaps, the Hiking Boot is the best choice for them. This shoe has very thick lace and the attractive eyelets. In addition, the product is also designed with many nice motifs and rivets as well. The hiking boot’ sole is quite thick and has noticeable serrations, which make you look like a strong and open-minded person.

Some tips on choosing shoes

For the tall and big body, you should choose the outfit and shoes with dark colors as well as fewer graphics.
For those who have modest height, you can also choose to buy the pads to increase the height. This method is the best way to save money and improve your height quickly as well.

If the guy is tall and thin, then you should avoid the pair of shoes with black color and shaped toe of the shoe. Thanks to that, you will be perfect in appearance.

Have you chosen the type of shoes you like? In each category, there are many options from the material, color to decorate for you. Remember to keep in mind that you should refer many other sources of information before purchasing a new pair of boots and then invest in the product that could show your personality and style. Good luck!

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