How can we find the best jobsite table saw?

Table saws are considered as the king of rip cuts. With a table saw at home, you can do much stuff from wood such as toys, furniture and so on. However, the problem is in the market, there are too many products with different feature, design and manufactures. How can we find the best jobsite table saw for your projects? What is are the main feature of a good saw? This article will show you some characteristic of a good saw which helps you choose a good one.

1. Safety
Before mentioning performance, speed, price, we should think about the safety. Table saw is designed for cutting wood with strong power and sharp blade. Therefore, it can create serious wound for you. Most of the table saw in the market come a riving knife, anti-kickback pawls and blade guard. They have a function of protecting you from danger.

A table saw will become useless if we can not accurately finish a cut. The accuracy not only helps you save your time by fast cuts but also make the stuff that you are doing more beautiful.
When you try to set up the fence, you can slide it into position by the way you press the front of the fence forward against the table with hands. By this way, you allow all parts of the fence slide square to the table. Keep the final position with one hand and lock it down with another. This will help you avoid many troubles from square fence

There are two factors which affect on your fence: the quality of the fence and is stability. The fence works by the way it grabs hold of the table edge and clamps into it. An ideal fence will have three points contact. All of the fence systems will make sure that the fence does not move while we cut.

We can not forget portability when talking about the best portable jobsite table saw. Portability allows user move it around.

The weight also plays an important role in this factor. The weight of a bench top saw is about 40 to 60 pounds which this number, you can easily bring it around and transport it from this place to another.

When thinking about the performance of a saw, there is two main factor that you should note: cutting power and dust collection. A machine with strong power is always the target of most of the user. Strong power can provide accurate and fast cuts. It also creates smooth surface. With only little effort, your cut can touch the heart of the wood, it is great, isn’t it?

5.Dust collection
Dust collection is unnecessary for the contractor, but it will have different positions for carpenters. Everybody wants to have a clean machine and this function provides users that.
In conclusion, these are some basic problems that you should consider before buying a table saw. Hope with this article, you have an overall view about main features of a table saw and decide what the most suitable saw for you is.


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