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You’ll start your vehicle, and suddenly it does not work. What is the problem? The battery has been discharged and will not start as much as you want. If not in a hurry you can change the battery or call the crane to revive your battery, but if you have to go somewhere you’re going to play how to load a car battery.

This article shows you how to restore the vehicle battery at home without having to wait for anyone to do it for you in 5 steps. It’s easy, free and you can take the time to do so is not even 30 minutes.
Tools needed
• Game cable clamps: to connect the battery discharged to one that is charged. Note that is of a certain thickness if they are too thin will not work.
• Jump starter: it is not a tool, but it is essential to charge the battery. View best portable jump starter reviews

1. Get a car with charged battery or a battery charger
You need an element to charge the battery of your vehicle. It may be another vehicle with charged battery or car battery charger, which is less common and probably will not have on hand.
If the vehicle has some battery, it may be enough to push several people, accelerate and keep the car running for 20 minutes to charge the battery. However, if the vehicle battery is dead, this will not help you at all.
2. Connect the battery clamps charged to the discharged
Open the hood of both cars and locate the battery and proceeds to connect the set of tweezers. First, you have to put the clamps on red wires to the active terminals.
Subsequently, connects one clamp of the black cable to the negative terminal of the battery charged and one of them to the battery. Be careful when connecting the negative terminals as it could jump a spark.

3. Start the car with the battery charged
After correctly connecting the batteries, you have to initiate the car with the battery charged. Accelerates and leave the vehicle running at about 2,000 rpm for work that costs less to start the car unloaded.

4. Start the car with the flat battery
After spending a time of 5 minutes, try to initiate the vehicle that had the flat battery. If you launch the first, let it go on and removing theclamps have placed batteries in the reverse order that we have set. That is, you should first remove the negative terminal of the discharged battery, then the charged and subsequently the two red wires to the positive terminals.

5. Leave in the car for 20 minutes
To charge the battery must exit the car on and run for 20 minutes. This time, the battery is charged and can re-use the car to go anywhere.

Alternatives to recharge the vehicle battery

As we also start the car battery charging it with another vehicle, you can also try other methods commented: use a battery charger or push the vehicle and try to start it moving.

When using a battery charger, the process would be like replacing the other car for that magazine. The price of these boots is between 30 and 120 euros, depending on the brand and type they are. The smaller and lighter, are more expensive.

If you start pushing the car, remember to turn off all accessories and try to do downhill to facilitate the task. The more speed takes the easiest car will boot.

And if it does not start?

If after several attempts the starter motor has no power to initiate the car (or do not even try), I check if any of the tweezers is released or not make good electrical contact.

Try again, but if the problem persists is most likely need to change the battery for another. You may also be another element of the electric starter car … but then no choice but to visit a mechanic check the electrical starting circuit and the circuit of the spark plugs.

What if it turns to download immediately?
It is likely to miss distilled water glasses, or the battery is already worn or “sulfated” for having reached the end of its useful life. If after filling the vessel with distilled water and walk a few kilometers retain the battery still does not charge, then it is best to replace it with a new or try to apply a full charge using a battery charger.

Also if we have a backup battery stored in the garage and always maintain full load, we can replace it in the car for which it is discharged, or also connect via a bridge to the car battery that has removed, using cable set connection to which reference has been made and following the steps outlined above. So it may not be necessary to use a second car.

RO technology, also known as reverse osmosis technology is one of the most advanced techniques in the world in the creation of pure, clean water with high quality

The fact that using reverse osmosis system reviews in water filters has created much success and brings high efficiency to the users. So what is RO technology? What are advantages and disadvantages of this technology? Let’s find out through the following information!

What is RO technology? – Reverse osmosis system
Reverse osmosis is water treatment technology developed about 40 years ago, and until now this technology is still considered as the leading technology in the creation of pure water sources ensuring the people’s health.
It was the desalination need of sea water which is the first idea appeared for reverse osmosis technology. When the antiseptic ability of the method has been recognized, reverse osmosis system has begun commercial production for the purpose of water purification at home.

The water filter applied this technology is firstly appeared in the family at the beginning of 1970. The birth of the reverse osmosis system is the hope that people can use water resources more safely and completely pure.
Advantages and disadvantages of the technology

The system helps to remove some of the chemical compositions in drinking water including additives and dangerous fluoride. Furthermore, it brings high efficiency when using reverse osmosis membrane (RO) in desalination and demineralization for many purposes.

One of more advantages is that reverse osmosis is an ideal process to remove contaminants from water in areas, which is inaccessible to the treated tap water or water at risk of recontamination because of the dangers of pipelines during transmission.

In addition to these advantages, there are many disadvantages when using reverse osmosis system. All of us know that alkali has formation and maintenance function of healthy red blood cells, while manganese helps to adjust the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates so that they can be more favorable in their process.
Moreover, manganese and calcium are also the essential components in bone formation. Although many foods contain these minerals, in the water, we had better maintain a certain level of beneficial minerals
Some reverse osmosis systems for the family

Home Master TMULTRA Ultra RO
This product is a highly efficient Reverse osmosis system because it can produce 50 gallons a day from the well water source. The system needs 4 gallons of water to produce one gallon of filtered water. This system also includes a UV light to get rid of microorganisms. 99.9% of all microorganisms are eliminated after the water has passed through the UV section. The filter life expectancy is about one year, while every 3 to 5 years, the reverse osmosis membrane requires replacement.

Aquasana AQ-RO-3 OptimH2O
AQ-RO-3 is a 3-stage filtration system which also removes fluoride from the water. The system can eliminate over 95% of fluoride, 97% of chlorine and arsenic and along with 99% of lead and asbestos. The Aquasana AQ-RO-3 OptimH2O can produce 36 gallons of filtered water a day. About 5 gallons of water is enough to use for producing 1 gallon of filtered water. After the water has been filtered, it goes through remineralized stage. This stage is also the final step to create drinking water and makes it taste and natural. Simultaneously, it raises the PH value that is from slightly acidic to more neutral.

APEC Premium 5-Stage
It produces pure water by allowing water through 3 stages of filtration before the reverse osmosis membrane. In the final stage, it removes any remaining contaminant from the water before going into the storage. The system produces 1 gallon of pure water from 3 gallons of water. It is more efficient than many other available systems and helps saving water source.

Above is some reverse osmosis systems commonly used in the household. You can consider before deciding whether these products are necessary for your family.

The reverse osmosis system is widely applied in many countries around the world. Along with the economic development in recent years, people’s living standards have also continually improved. The use of clean and pure water will continuously develop and integrate into every home. Thus, the people’s health and life expectancy continue to increase remarkably.

Table saws are considered as the king of rip cuts. With a table saw at home, you can do much stuff from wood such as toys, furniture and so on. However, the problem is in the market, there are too many products with different feature, design and manufactures. How can we find the best jobsite table saw for your projects? What is are the main feature of a good saw? This article will show you some characteristic of a good saw which helps you choose a good one.

1. Safety
Before mentioning performance, speed, price, we should think about the safety. Table saw is designed for cutting wood with strong power and sharp blade. Therefore, it can create serious wound for you. Most of the table saw in the market come a riving knife, anti-kickback pawls and blade guard. They have a function of protecting you from danger.

A table saw will become useless if we can not accurately finish a cut. The accuracy not only helps you save your time by fast cuts but also make the stuff that you are doing more beautiful.
When you try to set up the fence, you can slide it into position by the way you press the front of the fence forward against the table with hands. By this way, you allow all parts of the fence slide square to the table. Keep the final position with one hand and lock it down with another. This will help you avoid many troubles from square fence

There are two factors which affect on your fence: the quality of the fence and is stability. The fence works by the way it grabs hold of the table edge and clamps into it. An ideal fence will have three points contact. All of the fence systems will make sure that the fence does not move while we cut.

We can not forget portability when talking about the best portable jobsite table saw. Portability allows user move it around.

The weight also plays an important role in this factor. The weight of a bench top saw is about 40 to 60 pounds which this number, you can easily bring it around and transport it from this place to another.

When thinking about the performance of a saw, there is two main factor that you should note: cutting power and dust collection. A machine with strong power is always the target of most of the user. Strong power can provide accurate and fast cuts. It also creates smooth surface. With only little effort, your cut can touch the heart of the wood, it is great, isn’t it?

5.Dust collection
Dust collection is unnecessary for the contractor, but it will have different positions for carpenters. Everybody wants to have a clean machine and this function provides users that.
In conclusion, these are some basic problems that you should consider before buying a table saw. Hope with this article, you have an overall view about main features of a table saw and decide what the most suitable saw for you is.