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How to lose weight effectively?

Are you having troubles with your weight? Do you feel tired every time you go shopping because you can not find any dress suitable for your body? It is time for you to control your weight! Losing weight is a long and challenging process that requires your physical and mental endeavor. Therefore, this article will mention three kinds of fruits which support and help you overcome the long and challenging time that you are going to pass.

However, you should know that fruits are not magic, you need to combine with a  scientific diet to not only be successful in losing weight but also keep healthy. Besides three fruits below, you should read some books such as 3 Week Diet, The 2 Week Diet By Brian Flatt, Eat Stop Eat- The New Expanded Version to make sure you have the scientific diet.

Now, it is high time to discover three fruits!


Apple is one of the fruits which contains lots of Antioxidants and Phytonutrients that are able to prevent some free radicals which are considered the reason for cancer. Besides, the Apple is also rich in vitamin and fiber, which reduce the feeling of hunger.

In 100 grams of apple, there are just 54 calories. Averagely, the weight of an apple is about 220 gram, and it can provide 0. 45-gram protein, 0. 23-gram fat, and 32, 85-gram carbohydrate. You need a specific amount of apple, let’s divide it into 6 part to eat in a day. Drinking 2 liters of water increases the feeling of fullness. You also drink green tea to help the body relax and feel untired  because of the severity of the diet. Usually, drinking water helps us feel better because sometimes, water-loss situation is the reason that makes you stunned and faint.

In the first day, you just need to eat one kilogram of apples. Besides main meals, you can eat some slices of bread or salt cookies. Please, make sure that you will not eat anything else except these foods.

The second day, the amount of the apple is 1.5 kilograms.

Third and fourth day, you can eat 2 kilograms of the apples.

Fifth and sixth, you should remain the diet with 1 kilogram of apples and some slices of bread or cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The method is effective and suitable for one who wants to lose the weight quickly.


The second fruit that must be in this list is the banana. For a long time, the banana has been considered as the best fruit for beauty and get the greatest love from most  women. However, you may not know that it also a savior for you from the chain of hunger during the day because of the serious diet.

Although bananas are rich in nutritious substance, the number of calories are quite low. Enjoying some bananas will provide just 105 calories, this figure is much less than a number of calories when you use a hamburger.

It is admitted that banana is a source of nutritious substances, but also provides fat and cholesterol, which help to increase the feeling of fullness. This is a smart food for people who want to lose weight. Besides, the bananasare also a rich source of vitamin B such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate và B6. This army works to change all the food into energy. They can create the glucose- the main material in the body system from carbohydrate, sometimes, fat, protein. Therefore, although you have a serious diet, the banana still provides you enough energy to work all day.

The avocado

You must be surprised when seeing the avocado on this list. Most of you think that the avocado has a significant amount of fat and is not allowed in the list for weight loss diet. You are half right. The avocado is rich in fat and always in the list of thin people. However, if you know how to use it, it also becomes one of the best fruits in controlling your weight. Do you believe me? Let’s discover this magical fruit.

Contrary to the concept of traditional thinking, the avocado is a good fruit for losing weight. It contains a significant amount of fat, but it is unsaturated fat, such as beta-sitosterol which can reduce the rate of cholesterol in the blood and prevent fat accumulation.

Besides, it also has Oleic acid, which obstructs the fat absorption and reduces the feeling of hunger. If you eat an avocado every day, you can cut 20 percent of fat, which is accumulated in a day. Now, have you understood why the avocado is in this list?

Another feature of the avocado is mannoheptulose. This is the rare type of sugar, we just find it in the avocado. Mannoheptulose can create less insulin and control the sugar in the blood. You should know the reason of overweight is Insulin resistance. When your cells become resistant to insulin, your body will use insulin to lead sugar from blood to cells, the place that we can use the energy. When your cells start to resist insulin, there is no choice for your body, it must save the amount of sugar in your blood as the fat and in this time sugar is changed into fat. The more insulin, the fatter we get. Therefore, the avocado is the perfect solution for this situation.

The avocado also helps you reduce the amount that you eat. Thank the rich source of fat, when you eat or drink a glass of avocado smoothie, you will feel full quickly and do not want to eat anything else

Don’t sleep much

Fat people are less active and have sleepiness. Follow the Coop Home Good, overweight people usually use two thirds of the day to eat and sleep. So if you want to lose weight, do not sleep too much.

In conclusion,fruits are the best food for losing weight andapple, banana and avocado are three of best representatives. You can combine these fruits with a healthy diet and exercise to get the best result.

Getting from Hue to Hoi An is a fairly quick and easy trip. The distance between the two cities is only 139 kilometers, making it an easy travel day. How to get from Hue to Hoi An Vietnam? You have several options getting between the two cities: bus, train, driving, or private taxi.

Hue to hoi an by bus
Once in Hue, you will see many travel agent sellbus tickets to go to other cities. Or you can buy tickets at hotel but it will be a little bit expensive 50.000 vnd. You have shouldbooked 1 day before or 3-5 days before if you travel on high season, Vietnam Lunar New Year. There are 2 time departure:

Bus Schedule from Hue to Hoi An
• HUE to HOI AN by sleeping bus or seating bus
Begin: 8:00– Arrival time: 12:00
Begin: 13:30 – Arrival time: 17:00
• HOI AN TO HUE by sleeping bus or seating bus
Begin: 8:30 – Arrival time: 12:30
Begin: 13:30 – Arrival time: 17:00
The bus picked you up at your hotel by minivan if you are in city center. The bus ride go quick and dropp you off at the bus station in Hue or Hoi An. Then you must take taxi or walk to your hotel. They free pick-up at your hotel, but don’t have shuttle services or free drop-off at your hotel.

Hue to Hoi An transfer by private car
Private car services is not only transport service but also a tour from Hue to Hoi An(Da Nang) with interesting stops along the way. During the journey, we will stop wherever if you want. Some interesting point such as Cau Hai Lagoon, Elephant Stream, Lang Co Bay, Hai Van Pass… All of them will give visitors an unforgettable trip.
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For a quality sawing, it is necessary to choose the right tool according to:

• The work to be carried out;
• The type of material to be worked.
• The table of saws to be used according to the materials will help you to see more clearly.
• Saw: choice of a saw according to the material used

Choosing a saw makes it easy to saw with confidence.
To choose the saw best suited to your needs, consider the frequency of use of your tool.
This will allow you to choose between:

• Manual saw: occasional use for small jobs;
• A mechanical saw: frequent use (For example: cordless pole saw)
The mechanical saw is more expensive, but brings a real comfort of use.

Wood saw

Using any blade without observing the instructions may damage the saw and adversely affect the result of your work.
Noble and natural, the wood has to be processed and cut to be used for heating or construction.
The wood saw is therefore an indispensable tool.

The saw can also be used for other materials such as concrete, metals, tiles, etc.
Several types of saws make it possible to cut wood:

• Manual saw;
• Mechanical saw.

To choose the most suitable saw, it is important to consider:
• The work to be carried out;
• Or the frequency of this type of work.
The manual saw: according to the desired result
If you want to use your saw only for small indoor jobs, it is economically preferable to choose a manual saw.
Metal saw

The hacksaw is used for cutting metal or PVC.
The choice of a hacksaw depends on the hardness of the metal cut, but also on the type of work to be performed and its frequency.

The saw can also be used for other materials such as wood, concrete, tiles, etc.
Choice of a hacksaw: Depending on the use
Choose your saw to work safely.

Spark saw metal
Numerous saws are used to cut the metal.
It is important to select the right saw according to:
• The work to be carried out;
• Of its frequency.
You will have the choice between a manual saw or a mechanical saw.
Manual Hacksaw: For Small Jobs
If you want to use your saw only for small interior work, it is more economical to choose a manual saw.
You can opt for the following saws:
metal saw :
Frame saw which presents itself as a bow with screws connected to the tensioner which support a blade,
The blade must be relatively taut, at the risk of being deformed or broken,
Some models have a swiveling blade, which facilitates small beveled cuts,
Junior metal saw:
Makes it possible to reach hard-to-reach places,
Equipped with a very fine blade,
Blade holder:
Is satisfied with the minimum: a blade surmounted by a handle fixed on a single point,
Practical when working on superimposed pipes.
Hacksaw: frequent work

If you work the metal frequently, then it is best to choose a mechanical saw, which will save you time and energy.
You can choose between the following saws:
• The saber saw,
• The scroll saw,
• The band saw,
• The jigsaw.
They will of course have to be equipped with adapted blades.
Concrete Saw

The concrete saw is used for the cutting of slab, asphalt or wall construction material.
Depending on the work to be done, the saw can also be used for other materials such as wood, metals, tiles, etc.
Concrete Saw: a very hard material
Concrete saw
Concrete is a mixture of:
• cement,
• sand,
• gravel,
• water.
This gives a very hard construction material to saw.
But with new, cutting-edge technologies, some tools can work it out.
Concrete Saw: The Diamond Technique
Diamond, unequaled efficiency for concrete.
Diamond is the hardest material that can be found: it is made of carbon with a crystalline structure.
Synthetic diamonds have been developed and integrated into the sawing and cutting of tough and tough materials such as concrete.

The tool is equipped with a cutting kit which, by friction on the concrete, allows the cutting by abrasion.
There are two main techniques of diamond sawing:
• Diamond sawing,
• Sawing with diamond wire.
Concrete Saws: diamond sawing
There are several ways to saw with a diamond disc:
• The circular saw equipped with a diamond disc:
Allows the sawing of concrete plates at a cutting depth of approximately 120 mm,
The circular saw is lighter and more manageable than many other concrete sawing machines,
• The ground saw:
For cutting screed or for making expansion joints,
Sawing depth up to 50 cm,
The ground saws may be thermal or electric,
• The wall saw:
Guided rail cutting system,
The saw head comprises a motorized arm on a chassis and can be equipped with a diamond disk,
Hydraulic or electric motorization according to the cutting power requirements,
Diameter of the discs from 600 mm to 1 500 mm.

Photographers and plants have something in common: both need light for their livelihoods. Plants for photosynthesis, and you to capture those amazing scenes with your camera.

And for amazing photos, which are made with the technique of Light Painting … they are an excellent example of them. With just cheap trail cams, some lights and squeezing a little imagination, these amazing photos without any editing are obtained. Without Photoshop!

Surely this kind of photographs have caught your attention, maybe even ever you wondered how do they do? Today’s article will learn everything you need to start painting with light yourself and dazzle everyone.
What is photography “Lightpainting”?
The photograph Light painting (pronounced “lay Péintin”) or “painting with light” is one of the types most curious and striking photography today, despite being a technique that has been used for quite some time. It consists of drawing with light directly on the picture, lines, shapes or whatever that you might come up, using air as the frame and shooting at slow shutter speeds exaggerated.

The streaks of light are captured by the camera sensor and are “drawn” directly in the final photograph. To give you an idea of the possibilities offered by this technique, here you have some amazing photos:

Many photographers have mastered this technique, not only professionals but also amateurs and amateur. So if you want to see more pictures of this style, just do a search on any network like Flickr or 500px photographs, to find thousands of examples.

How do I get a picture Lightpainting?
Painting with light is relatively simple and does not require a costly and much less equipment. You just need a lot of practice. Once you master this technique, the possibilities become endless.

The general idea of such pictures is nothing more and nothing less than, as its name implies, painting with light directly on the scene. To do this, you can use lights, flashlights, flashes or anything else you can think of, to draw the lines or illuminate objects you want to leave exposed in the final photograph.

As you have seen in the example photos at the beginning of the article, despite being a simple technique it requires some practice to master it can be. And as it is a type of photography that integrates several techniques I recommend that if you have not already read it, you take a look at the following articles to help you dominate from the outset:

• Long exposures: as a type of photography where long exposures are used, if you are not very familiar with them, you need to read the following article: Long exposure photograph.
• Lighting: If you also get a few lines, shapes or drawings you want to work on the whole scene, you probably also need a flash, so you need to read these tips for better use of flash.
• Movement: as this technique gives much dynamism to the photos, I also recommend that you take a look at the article about how to capture and transmit the movement, as it will be useful as an adjunct to this technique.
• Later in the article, I will give you a step by step so you can start experimenting yourself.
The equipment
As I said earlier, it is not required for an advanced camera. With any camera that has manual controls and allows you to lower the exposure time to at least 10 seconds will do. It is an effect that you can entirely use household items.
To carry out this technique will need at least:
• A camera with manual controls.
• A tripod.
• A relatively dark environment, although this may change as you get master more technical.
• Lanterns, lights, flares, fireworks or any other element that serves as a light source. Creativity is your ally and the Internet also. There are thousands of ideas and alternatives floating around.

With these elements and you will get up with the technique, but … if you want to take this a step further effect will also need to:
• One or more employees, a remote trigger, or set the camera trigger mode delay to allow time to “draw” the scene.
• One or more flashes.
• Bulb camera mode that is, which may expose the scene for more than 30 seconds.
• A good site or landscape that allows giving a spectacular frame to your picture.
• Accessories for photography light painting
• Accessories for photography light painting

Types of effects
Here I leave some of the most common effects you’ll find the vast majority of light painting photographs. You can try to perform them yourself to practice, as you develop your own.
1. Ties or streamers: this effect is by a light or lamp cold cathode tube or, draw ties facing the camera. It is important that for the tapes are not cut or refine, always keep the light shining into the camera.
2. Silhouettes: this effect is to draw shapes in the air with light while the camera captures the entire sequence. To do this will need a flashlight or any source of light rather timely, i.e., that does not emit light and leave too thin strokes. You can draw silhouettes, outline objects, people or whatever you can think of.

3. Spheres or Orbs: To perform this spectacular effect must make a couple of extra elements such as a rope or the handle of a paint roller without the roller. This effect consists in tying the flashlight rope or paint roller, to make it always rotate in the same orbit. For this, you can stick your hand to your pledge and a turn of the wrist so that the circumference that perfect and constant. As you spin, you must be rotated, but with due care to keep the rotation axis in the center, that is, you should rotate you, but trying your hand always remains in the same place or the same height, to get a perfect circle. There are many videos on Youtube of how if you have found a confusing explanation.

4. Rain lights: how to make this effect is very similar to performing the areas just talk to you about, with the difference that instead of tying a rope flashlight or roller, must attach steel wool. Yes, you read well, these steel wool pads that have in the kitchen. The magic begins when you set the fire, as they are highly flammable and if you spin very quickly start to release a shower of sparks that produce a dramatic effect. (Do not do it at home, do not do if you’re not adult or adults do not have near you, and do not do it near flammable items).