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Street Talk – Michael Jackson

July 2, 2009

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died unexpectedly on June 25.  He was 50.  We asked readers if they thought history would be kind to him. 

Verna Thomas

I loved Michael Jackson when he first started. I lost interest in him when he made himself over with the [plastic surgery] operations.  I didn’t like what he did and wanted him to look his old way.  I will remember him as he was as a child of nine.  I pray for him and hope he’s in heaven.    

Ana Carmano

Yes, history will be kind to Michael Jackson because of the messages in his songs. The words inspired me when I was little.  He will also be remembered because he always made people laugh. 


I’m African, I knew of Michael Jackson since I was seven to this day, and I listened to his music my whole life.  People will never forget Michael – a superstar, a great entertainer. He’s number one in my book. He will be more popular than when he was alive.  Just pray for him and his family. 

Pow Wow

He will be remembered as a humanitarian, a very good writer, producer, and performer.  He will also be remembered as an accused child molester. With all the good things he has done, I know in my heart he didn’t do it.  



Juan Eduardo

Yes. I’m from the Dominican Republic and have been listening to Michael Jackson since I was eight years old. I like his music.  There will be good memories about him. He was the King, and a powerful, successful entertainer.  






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