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Mount Hope Provides Quality Affordable Housing

February 5, 2009

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to the recent news article in the January issue of the Monitor that detailed concerns raised by tenants at 1892 Morris Ave., some of whom have taken Mount Hope to court because they say the organization has failed to make building repairs.

When Mount Hope was established 23 years ago, community advocacy and creating safe, decent, and affordable housing was truly the core value from which the Mount Hope Housing Company started, and community advocacy will always be a part of our mission. 

Mount Hope management, however, was very concerned about the statements made by tenants of our flagship building at 1892 Morris Avenue since most of the housing concerns were resolved (between October 2007 and September 2008) prior to the published article in January 2009. 

All problems related to the pest problems have been dismissed and cleared by the NYC Department of Housing and Preservation and the NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal. To eliminate pest problems, Mount Hope invested and secured a pest elimination company and not a pest control company to ensure that all rodents were eliminated from the building.  In addition, the Mount Hope Housing Company is committed to revitalizing its 110 units at 1892 Morris, and the organization’s 30 additional buildings.  We will continue to incorporate a sustainable neighborhood concept into our community development approach, and provide collaborative, comprehensive, and synergist programming to the community.

Again, we encourage our tenants be advocates for their community.  Tenants can call the 24-hour Customer Service Hotline, and Mount Hope’s Community Ambassador Program to discuss housing management concerns. The program was created in October 2007 to strengthen the relationship between tenants of all 31 buildings, and to engage them in becoming advocates for their community, and to help them learn about the products and services that the Mount Hope Housing Company provides for the community. 

Tenants can reach the 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at (866) 279-6388. The Community Ambassador program’s number is (718) 299-7177.

Mount Hope Housing Company


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